A unique and easy to use program that has been designed to replace multiple software systems currently used in IVF business

Software designed and maintained
in Australia

billing facility

designed for IVF

ARTEMIS IVF is what you need

ARTEMIS IVF is what you will want


ARTEMIS IVF is a comprehensive and user friendly software package, that will change the way you currently manage your IVF IT workload. This software package WILL simplify the way you manage your IVF cycles. From book on, drug and cycle management, tracking, doctor comments and reviews, laboratory data, results and storage the features of this package WILL impress you.

ARTEMIS IVF will make retrieving your data for ANZARD easier for your staff reducing time previously needed to comply with your statutory obligation.

ARTEMIS IVF is a unique Australian software package, new to the market incorporating direct access to MEDICARE ONLINE billing and claiming.


Patient Management

ARTEMIS IVF features a comprehensive drug scheduling management screen. Medical personnel can tailor individual treatment protocols for patients. Data can be remotely accessed via RDP anywhere anytime to review current treatment cycles and results if required.

ARTEMIS IVF has a fully integrated ACCOUNTING MODULE incorporating the business and financial reporting necessities for your IVF clinic.

ARTEMIS IVF has a separate training module with all the features of the live version so that your staff can become familiar with the package pre installation


Labs and More

ARTEMIS IVF not only records the patients current pregnancies and cycle outcomes but also historical outcomes This feature can be utilised when discussing and planning future treatment cycles.

ARTEMIS IVF has an advanced laboratory section. Patient information relating to cycle type, results and storage details, both current and historical can be accessed quickly by authorised medical and laboratory staff. Data from other clinics or specialists once entered, will be displayed in the historical section so that all available information is at your finger tips.



  • Enhanced software
  • Cost efficient
  • Increased productivity
  • MEDICARE Online billing
  • Accounting & billing
  • Drug scheduling option
  • ANZARD data simplified
  • Training module
  • Multiple search options
  • Icon directed shortcuts
  • Adverse log event
  • Results directly downloaded to patient file
  • Glance at patient data
  • Laboratory review and results under one tab
  • Avoids duplication
  • Error minimisation
  • Fully integrated perperless system
  • User message alert
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